How NAVIO Robotics-assisted Technology Helps Surgeons Provide Accurate and Precise Results?

The NAVIO system is an advancement in the way orthopedic surgeons perform partial and total knee replacement. Every NAVIO procedure has an individualized plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy. The system works in conjunction with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve precise positioning of components during surgery. This level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the knee implant4.

The NAVIO Surgical System can help your surgeon get you back in action with accurate and precise knee replacement technology.


NAVIO Knee Replacement

The NAVIO system provides robotic assistance through an advanced computer program that relays precise information about your knee to a robotics-assisted hand piece used by the surgeon during the procedure. By collecting patient-specific information, boundaries are established for the robotics-assisted hand piece so the surgeon can balance your joint and position components with accuracy and precision12.

Check out how the NAVIO Surgical System works:

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Doctor Todd Peterson specializes in joint replacement, sports medicine, and orthopaedic trauma. He is certified to perform robotics-assisted partial knee replacement using the NAVIO system. His research interests include operating room efficiency, patient safety, infection control, and low cost medical care. Dr. Peterson is a native of Des Moines and completed his medical education at Des Moines University. He completed his residency at Michigan State University’s St. John Providence Health, where he became chief resident. Dr. Peterson completed his Fellowship in Adult Reconstruction at Southern Illinois University, Springfield, IL. Dr. Peterson enjoys talking to his patients and educating them about orthopedics.

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  1. How NAVIO Robotics-assisted Technology Helps Surgeons Provide Accurate and Precise Results?