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Dealing With Prolonged Knee Pain?

You may want to consider treatment if knee pain is affecting your quality of life.

Here in Iowa, many Des Moines residents suffer from knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. If you experience pain from osteoarthritis of the knee Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Orthopedics is here to help. We specialize in treating osteoarthritis knee pain.

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Is Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Orthopedics A Perfect Choice for Knee Pain Treatment?

Being the first and only facility near Des Moines in Central Iowa to use the NAVIO system and offering robotics-assisted partial knee replacement, we are a preferred choice for folks seeking the latest surgical treatment.

Knee Pain

“I have been a competitive athlete my whole life. I competed in tennis, rowed in college, and cycled professionally. I tore my lateral meniscus at the age of 17 and have suffered from chronic knee pain ever since. Since undergoing NAVIO robotics-assisted partial knee replacement surgery I now lead a pain-free life and am able to better enjoy my active lifestyle” — Evan, 54 years old.

Similar to Evan, if you feel pain during any activity or feel stiffness in your knees, and are looking for non-surgical or surgical treatment options, we can help.

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What To Expect At Knoxville Hospital & Clinics Orthopedics?

Our doctors will inform you about your knee pain treatment options, which range from simple lifestyle changes, to non-surgical and surgical treatments. They will diagnose your specific health issues and determine if you are a candidate for partial knee replacement using the NAVIO system. And, assisting our NAVIO certified physicians is a dedicated staff making sure you are well cared for during your visit.

Robotics-assisted partial knee replacement is performed using the NAVIO surgical system. The NAVIO surgical system uses a bone surface mapping technique instead of costly CT scans to help the surgeon precisely align the implant. Knoxville Hospital & Clinics is the first and only location near Des Moines to offer robotics-assisted partial knee replacement using the NAVIO system.

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