How to Treat Knee Pain?

How to Treat pain

Millions of people suffer from osteoarthritis, which occurs when there is a breakdown in the cushioning cartilage between joints, such as the knee. When this cartilage wears down, bones begin to rub against each other causing pain, swelling, stiffness and damage to other parts of the knee3.

While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, there are multiple treatment options to manage pain and potentially delay the progression of the disease. Your doctor may prescribe exercises, weight loss or medication. If osteoarthritis progresses to an advanced stage and is causing severe pain, surgery may be the best option.3

A partial or total knee replacement are common surgical options you may discuss with your doctor. Partial knee replacement — where the surgeon replaces only the diseased part of the knee — is a solution that can benefit sufferers of early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. Total knee replacement – where the surgeon replaces the entire knee joint — is a more common procedure generally reserved for advanced osteoarthritis affecting multiple compartments of the knee. Ask your doctor if a partial or total knee replacement is right for you. With either option today, there is advanced technology — NAVIO Robotic System that can help your surgeon perform the procedure with a high level of accuracy and precision12.

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